What is FIX?
FIX (Financial Information eXchange) is an industry standard protocol designed for transmission of orders and market data between market participants in real-time. Specifically designed for institutional and high-frequency trading, FIX has established a reputation as the most efficient protocol for performing all types of financial operations across all asset classes.
BEQUANT's FIX API is a fast, stable and secure way to connect to the exchange platform to receive market information and place orders using your own trading software.
Integrate your custom trading platform using our industry-standard FIX API
Advantages of BEQUANT's FIX API
Minimal latency
and instant connectivity 24/7
Highly secure
and safe
Full access
to BEQUANT's order book and liquidity pool
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Who will benefit from
Institutional partners/investors
Brokers and corporations
Private traders
Hedge funds and asset managers
Research companies
Rating agencies